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Exchange 2007 problem

Today one of our biggest customer with the biggest Exchange environment called with weird problem. Customer’s exchange environment is scalled for 60k users in future.

E-mail from outside to inside were going through. So people could receive mails from Internet. When they tried to send an e-mail following appeared:

  • When user sent e-mail from OWA, all e-mail messages stayed as Draft folder
  • When user sent e-mail from Outlook, all e-mail message were at Sent Items, but no mails were delivered

When I looked at MBX, CAS and HUB server I didn’t find anything that would describe any problem.

I knew there is a mechanism called Back Pressure and it’s to secure HUB and Edge servers health, but HUB and Edge server were fine. Problem appeared on MBX servers. I could see that there is only 4,5GB of free space on C:\ drive. I tried to enlarge C:\ drive and everything started to work. All mails were leaveing Exchange environment and everything works all right now.

I couldn’t find anything about free space required on MXB servers so I guess it’s some secret feature of MBX servers 🙂

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