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Lenovo/IBM manual update from BOMC medium

Couple days ago I had following problem. I wanted to install the newest firmwares on Lenovo (IBM) x3650 M5 server. I used Bootable Media Creator to create CD with latest firmwares for this machine. Problem came when I looked into firmwares BOMC wanted to upgrade:



Problem was that I wanted to upgrade firmware for SAS card ServeRAID N2225 which was installed in this server. This card is also supported and there was also new firmware downloaded into BOMC directory:


It looked like BOMC didn’t detect card in server and therefore it didn’t put it into the list of firmwares which should be upgraded. I tried other server which was in same configuration and it was same result. Then I tried to press ALT+F1 combination in BOMC. New bash shell came on screen. I tried list directory “ls -al” and I was there are all the files with firmwares. So I have tried to run binary with mentioned firmware:


Tadaaaaa….firmware upgraded. It looks like Lenovo has some bugs in its tool BOMC. I hope Lenovo support will get at least close to IBM support.

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  2. January 24th, 2017 at 13:59 | #2

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