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Split AD from one forest

May 15th, 2012 2 comments

Today I tried to split two domain created in one AD forest.


I had 1st created domain domain.local which was top-forest root domain. It contained two domain controllers (SRVDC01.domain.local (W2008R2) and SRVDC02.domain.local(WS8)). Second domain I’ve created was domain2.local which was in same AD forest, but in different AD tree. I had little problem when creating new domain domain2.local, because SRVDC02.domain.local was powered off for couple days. DCPromo on SRVXX01.domain2.local was complaining about some replication problems. So I needed to power it on and force replication. It was weird, because SRVDC2.domain.local haven’t hold any of FSMO roles. When it was all done, all looked up and running.

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