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Quickie: How to clear all port statistics on Brocade switches

April 23rd, 2013 5 comments

During one migration I wanted to clear out all port statistics on Brocade switch. I couldn’t find any command which would clear statistics for all port and I had to do it one by one 🙁

portstatsclear 0
portstatsclear 1
portstatsclear 2
portstatsclear 3
portstatsclear 4
portstatsclear 5
portstatsclear 6
portstatsclear 7
portstatsclear 8
portstatsclear 9
portstatsclear 10
portstatsclear 11
portstatsclear 12
portstatsclear 13
portstatsclear 14
portstatsclear 15

So I posted this article so I can copy and paste commands to the switch 🙂


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Fun: Internet Explorer 6 or 10?

April 19th, 2013 No comments

I was browsing at Brocade website lot last couple days, but when I accessed it from my Internet Explorer 10 I received following warning:


IE10 or IE 6


I thin Internet Explorer is out for a quite time, so Broacade had time to “implement” it on its website 🙂