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Exchange 2003 Out of office assistant subject language

May 31st, 2012 No comments

Today I was asked to find out why some users gets Out of office message subject in Slovak language and some in English. Company has two Exchange 2003 servers. One is for Front-end and second is to host mailbox databases.

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Exchange Distribution Group restriction

May 29th, 2012 No comments

Today one of our customers called me and asked how they can prevent from receiving e-mails from Internet for particular distribution group. They have Exchange 2010 SP2. I instructed him to check field on properties of distribution group called Require that all senders are authentificated.

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Add Unix commands into Windows

May 29th, 2012 No comments

When I want to feel like guru or I just need to use some Unix based utilities in Windows, I used to install It’s cool. But I recently found out that Windows has native support for Unix based applications.

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RDS/TS Licencovanie

May 29th, 2012 No comments

Dostaval som casto otazky ohladom licencii pre RDS/TS. Vela adminov sa pytalo na zvlastne otazky o odpocitavani licencii na licencnom servery.

Ked chcete pouzivat RDS/TS viac ako 120 dni, tak si treba nainstalovat a skonfigurovat licencne sluzby pre RDS/TS. Taktiez je potrebne zakupit RDS/TS CAL-y (Client Access Licenses). CAL-y su licencie pre pripojenie sa k RDS/TS serverom. Ked sa instaluju RDS/TS licencne sluzby, tak su na vyber tri varianty licencovania CAL-ov:

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Split AD from one forest

May 15th, 2012 2 comments

Today I tried to split two domain created in one AD forest.


I had 1st created domain domain.local which was top-forest root domain. It contained two domain controllers (SRVDC01.domain.local (W2008R2) and SRVDC02.domain.local(WS8)). Second domain I’ve created was domain2.local which was in same AD forest, but in different AD tree. I had little problem when creating new domain domain2.local, because SRVDC02.domain.local was powered off for couple days. DCPromo on SRVXX01.domain2.local was complaining about some replication problems. So I needed to power it on and force replication. It was weird, because SRVDC2.domain.local haven’t hold any of FSMO roles. When it was all done, all looked up and running.

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#5 GPO Serial – WMI Filtre a Loopback Processing

Takže po dlhšej dobe pokračujem. Dneska popišem WMI filtre a taktiež Loopback Processing.

WMI Filtre

 WMI filtre sa používajú na to, aby sa lepšie špecifikovali podmienky aplikovania GPO politík. Ale najprv si vysvetlime, čo to vlastne WMI je. WMI je skratka od Windows Management Instrumentation, čo predstavuje rozhranie cez ktoré je možné tak vyčítať rôzne údaje z OS ako aj samotné nastavenia OS meniť. WMI si predstavte ako databázu na každom Windows OS. Pomocou podobných príkazov ako sú SQL príkazy je možné vyčítavať rôzne informácie. Napríklad je možné vyčitať informácie o type a modele BIOSu na počítači. Ďalej napríklad informácie o veľkosti RAM pamäte, verzia OS, zoznam hotfixov, rýchlosť otáčok ventilátora na CPU,…

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